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Mr. Robert Li C Managing Partner -- Mr. Robert Li, Managing Partner of GaoDe, had more than 17-year's experience in the field of taxation. He worked in China tax authorities for about 13 years and was one of the founders of foreign tax branch in Beijing. As a tax official, he made research in tax levy, management, investigation and tax regulations. He also took charge of tax management of Foreign Investment Enterprises, proficient in tax regulations and preferential policies. When working with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Beijing Branch as a tax manager, he specialized in providing tax advisory services, including feasibility analysis, risk assessment, tax planning, transfer pricing and APA, etc.Mr. Li has extensive experiences and many successful cases in these fields. He is also a regular speaker of many popular topics on tax.

Mr. Jin Ling C Partner of Assurance and Advisory Services -- Mr. Jin Ling is one of the first CPAs in PRC and worked for HuaTongJian Certified Public Accountants as the audit partner for a few years. He also worked as financial controller and financial manager for 12 years in large enterprises, taking charge of establishment of accounting system, analysis of accounting forms and comprehensive financial management. With more than 10-year's experience in the field of auditing, Mr. Jin has rich experience of client service, familiars with Chinese accounting standards and regulations and specializes in assurance and advisory services, financial analysis of investment and tax planning, etc.

Mr.Michael Yang C Partner of Finance and Business Advisory Services -- Mr. Michael Yang is a PRC lawyer. He worked as an experienced legal and tax professional in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Certified Public Accountants before initiating GaoDe.Mr. Yang obtained his Master's degree both from PRC and Canada and since then he has successfully carried out many different types of projects including IPO solutions, management of investment and capital raising, compliance support, business management, enterprise restructure, people solutions, share issuing and public business, etc. As an experienced professional in the field of consulting industry, Mr. Yang is also accomplished in providing clients with package solutions on finance, law, tax and management.


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