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Our consulting service team is capable of providing professional advisory services, including Financial Advisory Service, Tax Related Service, Management Solutions and Enterprise Risk Management Services.

Finance Advisory Service
Formulation of Finance Management System
To formulate the Finance Management System, which adapts to different types of business and operations, including internal control system, duties of accounting staff, cost control system, evaluation system, internal accounting system and capital management system, etc.

Financial Budget and Analysis
To work on budget of income, cost and surplus, analysis of annual statements, analysis of the development trends of financial index and financial forecast of feasibility report, etc.

Financial Advisor
To seek solutions to any financial queries and to any queries about the diversities between domestic and international financial system, assist clients in working on the accounting statements complying with the financial standards and regulations.

To provide due-diligence review in the forepart of investment activity, including the verification of previous financial and tax status, understanding of current status and forecast of future surplus.

Tax Advisory Services
Tax Consulting Services
To provide comprehensive Tax Consulting services, including tax and business advisory services, planning of cross-border investments, consultation on tax and other relevant policies, application of tax exemption, tax laws, taxation standards, foreign exchange regulations, capital raising and business planning, technology transfer, etc.

Tax Compliance Service
To provide an extensive range of Tax Compliance service, including the preparation and submission of all types of tax returns.

Tax Planning Service
To assist our clients in identifying tax saving opportunities and reducing cost and tax exposure.

Field Audit and Tax Investigation
To assist our clients in obtaining the most beneficial solution in the event of an investigation by the Tax Authorities.

Tax Structuring for Cross-border Investments
To advise our clients on how to structure cross-border trade arrangements, and inbound and outbound investments to achieve the highest tax efficiencies.

Tax Implications Relating to Mergers and Acquisitions
To help you, whether you are a purchaser or vendor, to evaluate the manner and financing of mergers and acquisitions to maximize your tax efficiency and provide tax advice on post merger restructuring and planning.

Transfer Pricing
To advise our clients on the planning and structure of a transfer pricing policy that minimizes your worldwide tax exposure. Enhancement of your risk management program through a combination of: high level reviews, documentation services, advance pricing agreements, defence against transfer pricing audit, defensible pricing models, and competent authority negotiation.

Advance Pricing Agreements
To advise our clients on the viability and risk analysis, identification of the transfer pricing policy, preparation of documentation and negotiating with tax authorities, etc.

IPO Solutions
Listing Management
To provide domestic clients with professional services in the process of going public, including assisting clients in selecting and communicating with public agencies, preparing and assisting clients to fulfill the schedule for listing, assisting clients in designing the plan of going public and accomplishing business and organizational restructuring.

Financial Advisor
To assist our clients in understanding the financial standards and requirements for going public, appraising and providing the amendment suggestions for enterprise current financial system and assisting clients in improving the financial restructure.

Tax Planning
To provide our clients with tax planning service in the process of going public, including assisting pre-listing clients in analysis of tax risks, identifying potential cross-border tax planning opportunities, providing tax planning solutions and assisting in implementation.

Investment and Capital Raising Advisory Services
Seeking Opportunities of Investments and Capital Raising
To assist our clients in seeking opportunities of investments and capital raising, meeting with the investors, accomplishing viability analysis and preparation of documentation.

Raising Capital before Going Public
To assist our clients in identifying the aim of capital raising before going public and implementing the capital raising by communicating with the potential investors.

Valuation and Implementation of Investments
To make viability research and evaluation of the potential investments in aspects of finance, marketing and regulations, assist the investors in the management of investments so as to ensure the implementation.

Mergers and Acquisitions
To assist our clients in implementing the due-diligence review to their target clients, projects evaluation, corporate restructuring, designing the business plan, preparation of negotiation program, capital raising service, etc.

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