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Service Scope
Mao & Company,CPAs,Inc.

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  Beijing Official Website International
  State Administration of Taxation
  Ministry of Finance   People's Republic of China
  Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
  Customs General Administration     People's Republic of China

  Being familiar with the laws and regulations of both domestic and abroad, our audit professional team is
capable of assisting our clients in committing to the standards and regulations of declaration.

Assurance and Advisory Service
Statutory Annual Audit
Audit for M&A, Division and Liquidation
Audit for Special Projects
Audit for Enterprise Information System
Audit for Annual Foreign Exchange

Capital Verification Service
Verification of Capital Investment for Company
Capital Verification for Enterprise Restructuring
Verification for Annual Inspection

Accounting Advisory Service
Formulation of Enterprise Accounting System
  and Financial Management System
Ongoing Accounting Advisory Service
Financial Management Advisory Service
Cashier Function and Bookkeeping Service
Company Formation and Business Registration
Training Service for Accountants

Asset Appraisal Service
Package Asset Assessment of Equity Restructuring, Stock Transfer, Liquidation, Mergers and Acquisitions, etc
Asset Assessment of Equipment and Facilities, Housing, Buildings, Stocks, etc.
Intellectual Properties Assessment of Trademark, Patent, Special Tech, Software, etc.
Marketing Research in Development of New Tech, Products of Brands, New Products, Imported Products, etc.
Tax Compliance and Planning Service
Tax Registration, Tax Registration Update
  and De-registration
Tax Compliance, Tax Regulations and
  Preferential Policy Update
Ongoing Tax Advisory Service, Tax Risk
  Analysis, Assessment and Resolving
Tax Planning Service

Liquidation Service
Assisting clients (court) in Establishment
  of the Liquidation Team
Assisting clients in Proclamation of
Assisting clients (court) in Management of
  Liquidation Equity
Assisting clients in Business and Tax De-

Tax Review Service
Audit for Tax Returns
Tax Duediligence Review
Audit for Income Tax Deduction
Audit for Tax Deduction, Tax Exemption, Tax
  Refund and Tax Payment Deferral
Asset Loss Verification
Verification of Loss Carryforward
General VAT Payer Verification

Civil engineering cost consultancy service
Investment planning
Preparation of project proposal and feasibility study report
Investment estimation and financial evaluation
Preparing or auditing budgetary estimation,budgets and Final accounts
Evaluating economic benefit of construction projects
Tender planning
Preparing or auditing Tender documentation 、base number of a tender、bidding and quotation、construction contract
Whole stage cost confirm 、control and contract administration(including claim administration)
Certification of civil engineering cost
Information consultancy of civil engineering cost
Other consultancy services relating to civil engineering

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